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Elizabeth Dole calls her constituents “vile”

Senator Elizabeth Dole has launched an sustained attack against some of her constituents as part of her campaign for re-election. In a press release to her supporters and a mass mailing that's been going out to voters, Dole attacks her Democratic opponent, Kay Hagan, by pointing out that she attended a fundraiser held by a couple of atheists, whom she describes as "vile." Here's the mailer:

Dole mailer - page 1

Dole mailer - page 2

Dole mailer - page 3

Dole mailer - page 4

Vile? As someone on another blog pointed out, can you imagine her calling some religious group (like Jews or Muslims) "vile?" But those who choose science and reason over superstition are described as vile by a sitting U.S. Senator and no one even blinks.

And in the press release, she describes atheists as people "most North Carolinians would not be comfortable having over for dinner." Again, this is one of my U.S. Senators. I've got news for you, Senator Dole--you had dinner with a future atheist in the fall of 2000. How about them godless apples?

Now, some would argue that this bigoted and primitive behavior by Senator Dole means that anyone who believes in being a decent human being and not spewing hatred at your neighbors should vote for Kay Hagan. I disagree. Both Republicans and Democrats have an appalling record when it comes to their treatment of those who don't believe in the supernatural. Both use the religious, and their susceptibility to manipulation, to advance their own ends. The only party that truly stands for eliminating the irrational hatred of atheists is the party that would end the church-state alliance once and for all - the Libertarian Party. And it just so happens there's an outstanding Libertarian in this race that the media simply chooses not to mention. Chris Cole is running on the Libertarian ticket against Dole and Hagan, and is now polling around 5-7% (when he's actually included on the polls).

Cole and the Libertarian Party seek the dismantlement of the state apparatus, which would leave nothing with which to coercively promote religion or suppress atheists. Hagan, on the other hand, has a platform that is a laundry list of expansions of government scope and power. Also, after perusing her web site, she doesn't seem to have a single press release hitting back at Dole for her anti-atheist vitriol. No, neither Hagan nor the Democratic Party are allies of atheists and the non-religious. Their schemes for promoting government will do nothing but further threaten everyone's individual liberty and natural rights, believers and non-believers alike.

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  1. I’m agnostic, a vet, a public school teacher and I want the under god part removed from the Pledge. Not on religious grounds but on the grounds that it was added under the Red Scare. This McCarthyism period was such a blight on our history. It is a disgrace that we as a nation felt so insecure as to name the deity that one worships. Did you hear that Shiva???? I thought I was in America that was founded on freedom of religion??? So why are atheists being hassled here? This is very un-christian like to do. We need to respect all beliefs. When I see someone getting hassled for their religious beliefs I stand up for their rights even though I may not believe in that. When their rights go…so too will mine. We need to practice what we preach – Peace and Love.

    A very un-vile public servant

  2. Yeah, I would even take it a step further. Get rid of the pledge altogether. It seems to go against the very American ideal of individual liberty to pledge allegiance to anything based on the state, especially a flag that represents an overbearing, authoritarian government. After all, the pledge was concocted by a socialist, and you can hear elements of it that Marx and Lenin would readily approve of. My allegiance is to myself, my family, and the principles of liberty, non-aggression, and reason. But, yes, at the very least the “under God” part has to go.

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