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By now everyone knows about the infamous White House blog post calling for people to e-mail anything "fishy" they hear or read about the current health care "reform" proposal. It says:

If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Now, I'm sure they would say that they're not looking for individuals, but rather only the arguments they're using to oppose the "reform" bill. Nevertheless, you can't be too careful in this era of disappearing civil liberties, and I want to do the right thing and come forward rather than have someone else turn me in. So here's an e-mail I just sent to

Dear White House Disinformation Control Center (or whatever you call it),

I would like to turn myself in for spreading what you refer to as "disinformation" about health care reform. You say that "facts are stubborn things," and I couldn't agree more. Here are a few that I'm aware of:

1. Every time a human being freely takes a particular action (or opts to not take an action), he does so for one reason--to bring about circumstances for himself that he believes will make him better off in some way than any alternative choices he could have made.

2. When two parties engage in a voluntary exchange, they do so because they both benefit (whether physically, financially, emotionally, or in any other way).

3. Any barriers to such voluntary exchange decrease the wealth or utility that is produced by such an exchange.

4. Health care and health insurance are goods, like any others, that people seek to obtain or provide in order to improve their circumstances.

5. There is no possible way for government to legislate goods into existence.

6. There is no possible way for government to make better decisions for people than they make for themselves when they engage in voluntary exchanges based on actual costs and benefits.

7. Health care costs are rising precisely because of widespread government interference with individuals' choices regarding how to improve their circumstances.

8. Additional actions by government will comprise even greater barriers to individuals' ability to obtain low cost, high quality health care.

9. The only thing government can do to improve the state of health care is eliminate the actions it currently takes to hinder voluntary exchanges among free people.

Facts are indeed stubborn things.

Darren O'Connor
Durham, NC XXXXX


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