No Coercion

A tribute to those who fight for us

Well, it's that time of year again where we thank those who fight for our freedoms and keep us safe from foreign invasion. So I'd like to thank the ACLU, the Institute for Justice, the Mises Institute, the Free State Project, the Libertarian Party, and all of the other organizations and individuals out there who spend great time and resources fighting for individual human rights against the state. And I'd like to thank all those private citizens who exercise their right to keep and bear arms (and plenty of ammo) for keeping us safe over the years as the US has never been invaded unprovoked and probably could not be invaded unprovoked due to the massive private gun ownership among the population. And I'd like to especially thank these individuals and organizations for keeping us safe and defending our rights on a strictly voluntary basis without confiscating payment at the point of a gun or forcibly suppressing their competition. Thank you.

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  1. I just got done reading an old post of yours titled “Adventures in Jury Duty” Well to post this most recent title above, A tribute to those that fight for us” is in DIRECT conflict with your distaste for serving as a juror. You ought to pull out your history books (or go to the library since you probably don’t have any of your own). If you believe so strongly in the 2nd amendment, let me remind you sir that the right to a trial by jury is also a constitutional right. This right, like the 2nd amendment, was fought for by people who came before us. It was made part of the Constitution for damn good reason as most people recognize that without a jury your rights and freedoms will be decided by some authority you and I may not have chosen. You cannot pick and choose the rights that suit your personal tastes.

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